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Privacy Policy

Creatology’s privacy policy covers visitors to the Creatology website, and outlines how we work to GDPR guidelines.

About GDPR

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings data protection legislation into line with previously unforeseen ways that data is now being used.


Why GDPR is needed

GDPR gives people control over how their personal data is used. It also gives companies a clearer legal environment to operate, making data protection law identical throughout the EU.

As controllers or processors of data, we must follow the GDPR ruling and state how and why personal data is processed. At Creatology, we ensure personal data is processed lawfully, transparently and for a specific purpose. In our case, this is to keep you up to date on our news, work, industry insight and respond to any inquiries.

Personal data

Anything that is counted as personal data under the Data Protection Act qualifies as personal data under GDPR. Data is also considered personally identifiable information. We request the minimum when it comes to communicating with you. At Creatology, we request a user’s name and email when signing-up to our mailing list and contact form and we always ask for explicit permission, letting you know what your data will be used for. All emails we send out also include an unsubscribe option from our mailing list. You have the right to access any information we hold on you, and the right to know why that data is being processed, how long it’s stored for and who gets to see it. If you would like more information on this, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.


Information collection

We automatically log visitor’s domain and IP addresses by programming when they visit our website. This data is used to see how the site is being used to ensure optimum performance and for click stream analysis to help better understand site usage, so we can improve our online service to everyone that visits. We do not identify the user but only the computer that is being used to view the site.



Cookies are used temporarily to store information. Cookies are specific to the server that created them and cannot legally be accessed by other servers, which means they cannot be used to track your movements around the web.



If you request information, you may be asked for your email address and full name. The information requested is then sent to you using the personal details received. We will never pass your details to any third parties unless it is to assist us in responding to your request, comments etc.



Creatology has taken all the relevant security measures to protect any personal data received from loss, misuse and alterations of customer data under our control. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alterations of data will not occur, we use our best efforts to prevent this.



By using this site, you consent to the collection and use of this information by Creatology and to this privacy policy. If we change our privacy policy, we will update these changes on this page.



If you wish to discuss this privacy policy, please contact us at or +44(0)1273 966480